Casey McAndrews - Hamilton College


The past year has been full of opportunity and excitement for me. Over the summer, I was lucky enough to intern as a part-time teacher at the New England Center for Children, a school for children with severe autism in Southborough, MA. This was an invaluable experience, as I worked closely with a group of nine boys who brought me an endless amount of joy and deepened my passion for working with children with special needs.

In the past semester, I have continued to be a part of the women’s club soccer team here on campus. We had several games in the fall, playing teams within an hour or so from Hamilton. On the weekends we did not have games, I spent my time volunteering with the HAAND (Hamilton Autism Advocates for Neurodiversity) where we got to spend time with children with autism from the surrounding community.

I took a sensation and perception class in which we learned about the psychology and neuroscience behind how we sense and perceive the things around us. I also spent some of my time doing research with a psychology professor this semester, looking at the meaning-making process in narrative memories. Vertebrate physiology and cellular neurobiology both helped broaden my understanding of how our bodies work on a biological level. I hope to eventually combine my passion for biology and children with special needs in my future career path.

This upcoming spring semester, I am thrilled to be studying abroad in Madrid with the Hamilton College Spain program. I hope to fully immerse myself in the Spanish culture and the beauty of the Spanish language. I am forever grateful for everything that MVYouth has done to support me through all of these experiences. Thank you.

Casey McAndrews - Hamilton College

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My time at Hamilton College has continued to be an amazing experience, and it is flying by! Over the past year I have spent several Saturdays working with the Hamilton Autism Advocates for NeuroDiversity (HAAND) club on campus. Children with autism from the surrounding community come to the school and engage in all different kinds of activities and arts and crafts to help boost their social kids with others. This has been one to most inspirational things for me on campus, as I have become very passionate about working with children with autism and other special needs. I was also recently elected co-captain for the women’s club soccer team for the upcoming semester. This past year I was able to take some really cool classes. I took a developmental biology course and watched chick embryos develop, and was also able to participate in several different psychology studies for senior thesis projects for my psychology class. I am looking forward to many new experiences and classes in the upcoming semesters. Thank you, MVYouth, for another amazing year!

Casey McAndrews - Hamilton College


Life at Hamilton continues to be new and exciting every day. Because of the open curriculum, I’m taking the courses that really interest and challenge me. Everyone here is kind and hardworking and it feels so rewarding to be able to be part of this community. I joined the club soccer team at the beginning of the semester and that has been one of the highlights of my college experience so far. There’s no better way to end a day of classes and studying than playing soccer with some of my closest friends. I was also excited to be recently accepted into the Hamilton Reads program for next semester, in which I will be a reading tutor for a second or third grader from a local elementary school twice a week. Thank you MVYouth for this scholarship and for allowing me to attend my dream school. I will be forever grateful as I move through these next four years.