Charles Parkhurst - UCLA


I’m not even two months into my senior year, yet college feels like it’s already reached its conclusion. But despite how this may read, I say it with no sadness at all. Scouring for jobs, filling out applications, and getting interviews lined up is certainly a bit of work, but it makes me tremendously excited for my future and the possibilities that could lie ahead. I am an exceptionally fortunate individual that’s determined to make proud the people that brought me to this point and be able to one day give back myself.

I decided to pursue a major in political science at the beginning of my freshman year with the intent of going to law school. However, after spending the last few years developing a passion for trading the markets and holding a wonderful internship at Merrill Lynch, a career in finance is what I know I’ll thrive in. As I love research and problem solving, I believe I would do very well in a financial analyst or research position.

Because of the wonderful friendships I’ve made and excellent medical care I’ve received, finding work in Los Angeles would be ideal. But I’ve actually applied to firms across many areas, such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and even in other countries. To make myself as qualified a candidate as possible, I’ve also signed up for the Chartered Financial Analyst program and will be studying to pass the level one exam this upcoming June. It will certainly be a large undertaking on top of managing classes and a spring internship, but it will build a vital knowledge base that complements the unique skills I developed from my liberal arts education that will allow me to excel in the financial world.

Charles Parkhurst - UCLA

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I’m more than halfway done with college! Never have two years of my life flown by so quickly. Despite my many wonderful experiences making the time feel shockingly short, I’m thrilled to think I’ll have a degree from UCLA in just a year and a half. Being an upperclassman, I am able to choose classes from a diverse array of topics in political science that are directly related to current global issues. Classes examining the international politics surrounding nuclear theory and analyzing the international relations of China kept me thoroughly engaged this year. Even better will be next quarter as I begin studying for the entrepreneurship minor. Taking courses such as Marketing Principles for Entrepreneurs and Technological Commercialization makes me actually look forward to the hours of schoolwork ahead. As far as the road beyond UCLA, I’m genuinely interested in going into politics, I’m prepping for the LSAT, and I also have a passion for trading futures so I may not be fully decided, but it’s certainly not due to a lack of interest or options. I’m excited and grateful for each and every avenue MVYouth has made possible for me to pursue through their amazing efforts and generosity.

Charles Parkhurst - UCLA

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What a tremendous year it’s been for me here in Los Angeles. It’s impossible to detail all of the virtues of this amazing journey - a journey that I never would have gotten to experience had it not been for the efforts and generosity of MVYouth. I’ve just recently wrapped up fall quarter for my second time. Although living in my fraternity and taking an extra class made for a busy few months, I managed to tackle each one while also waking up at six in the morning or earlier on a regular basis to trade on the stock market. I may just be in my second year, but I’m already sad thinking that I’m a third of the way through my time here. In little over a year I’ve formed lifelong friendships, studied with world class professors, and grown astoundingly in capability and self reliance. Looking back on life altering experiences, there is nothing more wonderful to happen to me than receiving this support from MVYouth. Thank you!

Charles Parkhurst - UCLA


UCLA really is the dream school that I imagined it to be. Traveling three thousand miles from home into the college world has been my greatest step yet towards true adulthood. Now, only a few months in, I have already had so many amazing experiences. Studying with world class professors, pledging the fraternity of Beta Theta Pi, and learning to live and manage all my responsibilities has already been quite the exciting journey. The rigorous academic workload and competition, made more difficult by some of my own medical complications, has been stressful and formidable at times, but has been a great success so far. The challenge is motivating and rewarding. I’m extremely excited for the future and immensely grateful for the opportunity that MVYouth has given me to spend the next four years at such an astounding institution.