Charles Parkhurst - UCLA


I’m not even two months into my senior year, yet college feels like it’s already reached its conclusion. But despite how this may read, I say it with no sadness at all. Scouring for jobs, filling out applications, and getting interviews lined up is certainly a bit of work, but it makes me tremendously excited for my future and the possibilities that could lie ahead. I am an exceptionally fortunate individual that’s determined to make proud the people that brought me to this point and be able to one day give back myself.

I decided to pursue a major in political science at the beginning of my freshman year with the intent of going to law school. However, after spending the last few years developing a passion for trading the markets and holding a wonderful internship at Merrill Lynch, a career in finance is what I know I’ll thrive in. As I love research and problem solving, I believe I would do very well in a financial analyst or research position.

Because of the wonderful friendships I’ve made and excellent medical care I’ve received, finding work in Los Angeles would be ideal. But I’ve actually applied to firms across many areas, such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and even in other countries. To make myself as qualified a candidate as possible, I’ve also signed up for the Chartered Financial Analyst program and will be studying to pass the level one exam this upcoming June. It will certainly be a large undertaking on top of managing classes and a spring internship, but it will build a vital knowledge base that complements the unique skills I developed from my liberal arts education that will allow me to excel in the financial world.