Charles Parkhurst - UCLA

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What a tremendous year it’s been for me here in Los Angeles. It’s impossible to detail all of the virtues of this amazing journey - a journey that I never would have gotten to experience had it not been for the efforts and generosity of MVYouth. I’ve just recently wrapped up fall quarter for my second time. Although living in my fraternity and taking an extra class made for a busy few months, I managed to tackle each one while also waking up at six in the morning or earlier on a regular basis to trade on the stock market. I may just be in my second year, but I’m already sad thinking that I’m a third of the way through my time here. In little over a year I’ve formed lifelong friendships, studied with world class professors, and grown astoundingly in capability and self reliance. Looking back on life altering experiences, there is nothing more wonderful to happen to me than receiving this support from MVYouth. Thank you!