Charles Parkhurst - UCLA

Charlie headshot update.png

I’m more than halfway done with college! Never have two years of my life flown by so quickly. Despite my many wonderful experiences making the time feel shockingly short, I’m thrilled to think I’ll have a degree from UCLA in just a year and a half. Being an upperclassman, I am able to choose classes from a diverse array of topics in political science that are directly related to current global issues. Classes examining the international politics surrounding nuclear theory and analyzing the international relations of China kept me thoroughly engaged this year. Even better will be next quarter as I begin studying for the entrepreneurship minor. Taking courses such as Marketing Principles for Entrepreneurs and Technological Commercialization makes me actually look forward to the hours of schoolwork ahead. As far as the road beyond UCLA, I’m genuinely interested in going into politics, I’m prepping for the LSAT, and I also have a passion for trading futures so I may not be fully decided, but it’s certainly not due to a lack of interest or options. I’m excited and grateful for each and every avenue MVYouth has made possible for me to pursue through their amazing efforts and generosity.