Chris Aring - Olin College

Aring headshot update.jpg

During my most recent semester at Olin, I chose my major, built a piano playing robot, designed my own computer processor, and explored more interests. While I've decided to major in electrical and computer engineering, I plan to take education courses at Wellesley College. Since many of the classes at my school combine ideas from multiple disciplines and count for more than one major, I took two computer science classes this semester. By working in project teams with students and teachers, I had additional opportunities to experience what it means not only to fulfill the objective of a project, but to learn to teach others in my group and the entire class the material I knew. In a sense, the project groups are themselves mini-classrooms where my interest in education has grown. In one class, I worked as part of a team during a three month span to create a piano playing robot. Our grade was not based on how functional the final product was, but rather on our documentation, check-in reports, and final product website. This last semester has been one of growth. I learned how to work on large, lengthy projects with a team, how to communicate and research to set myself up to be the first student from my college to go through Wellesley College’s education program, and finally, how to take the next step. Thanks to the support of MVYouth, I have been able to grow and learn in innovative and curious ways.