Danielle Hopkins - Barnard College


During this past semester at Barnard College I have gained important insights about my academic experience. During the month of September I declared a history major with a thematic concentration in race and ethnicity. I also am planning on declaring a minor in Spanish when I return in the spring. I have decided that I also would like to attend law school after graduation. I am very excited to have this better idea about what I want to do with my career. I took some pretty incredible courses this semester including Rhetorical Choices where we learned about speech theory, and practiced different forms of public speaking. I also took two history courses, African American history and European History both of which improved my writing and analytical skills immensely.

While I had an amazing academic experience this semester, I also have engaged in some really cool extracurricular activities. I was apart of the Columbia University Player’s production of the Great Gatsby in October, and I recently just finished training to be a Barnard Speaking Fellow. Speaking Fellows are peer tutors in speech, class discussion, presentations, and interviews skills. I also have continued working in the Barnard Admissions office as a Barnard Student Admissions Representative and acted as the Columbia University Black Theatre Ensemble's Treasurer.

This past semester has been pretty crazy but filled with lots of fun memories with my friends and peers. I cannot wait for my next semester at Barnard where I recently just got accepted into an intensive research seminar where we will be doing a case study on Welfare in Mississippi, which includes a trip to Mississippi in the spring. Thanks to the generosity and support of MVYouth I have been able to continue to grow as a student and an individual. I am so appreciative of everything you do for the island community.