Emily Hewson - Bennington College


My experience at Bennington has been eccentric. From Experiential Anatomy to Concept Musical to Robert Frost and the Rural Authentic, my classes have been diverse and inventive. They really do let professors have autonomy over what they teach and how they teach it. I particularly enjoyed my experiential anatomy course where we learned about fascia. It's the connective tissue that encompasses everything in our bodies. If you were to take everything but the fascia out of a body, you would still be able to see where all of the bones, muscles, veins, and arteries would be. It is the definition of connective tissue. I appreciate the intimate student to teacher experience.

I love working with my voice teacher Thomas Bogdan and integrating into the music community at the Jennings house (the building The Haunting was based on). But I am especially psyched about my first fieldwork term where I’ll be working on Tauroa farm in New Zealand! A fieldwork term is part of our curriculum in which we have to complete 210 hours of work in a field connected to what we are studying. Because I’m a first term and don’t have a set field of work, I get to go anywhere! This school has opened doors I never knew existed. The academic system they have in place makes it so your experience here can be as fruitful or barren as you make it. It’s up to the student to take advantage of the opportunities laid in front of us. Bennington College truly is the place for me.