Frequently Asked Questions

Expansion Grants

Does MVYouth have a typical grant award range?

MVYouth’s grants will vary according to the needs outlined in each application. We do not have a typical award size.

Does MVYouth provide seed money for new organizations?

MVYouth is interested in investing in organizations that are satisfying their missions, have excellent leadership, strong community support, stable finances, clear vision and a well developed plan for a project or program that will impact our youth community. Proposals must be ready to begin in order to receive MVYouth funding. If you have an idea for a new program or project, we strongly encourage you to partner with an existing organization to pursue your vision.

Are awards granted in one installment, or dispersed over a period of time?

Grant awards are dispersed as reimbursements over the length of the project according to the work plan and budget.

How are recipients selected?

MVYouth is looking for organizations in need of capital to accomplish a physical expansion beyond the reach of their operating budget, that will allow the organization to accomplish its mission in new ways. In the first phase of the selection process, the Advisory Board will use the evaluation criteria to assess each proposal. The Advisory Board will interview competitive applicants. Final selections will be recommended by the Advisory Board and determined by the Board of Trustees.

Does MVYouth support publicly funded organizations?

MVYouth does not generally support organizations that are sustained by tax payer dollars (schools, libraries, public parks).

MVYouth does not fund operating costs. Are there other local grants that do cover annual expenses?

Yes, there are a handful of generous local grants that typically fund smaller projects or help organizations with programs and projects that are part of their annual operations. Click on organizational names below to visit their websites and learn more about their application processes.

When will recipients be announced?

 MVYouth will announce the Expansion Grants recipients in late February.


I am a permanent MV resident, but I go to school off island. Do I qualify?

Eligible applicants must be year-round residents of Martha’s Vineyard. You may be enrolled in a day school off-island, but reside on island. If you are unsure if you qualify, please discuss the matter with the Executive Director, Lindsey Scott.

Will MVYouth hold an information session for prospective applicants?

MVYouth will hold an information session for students and parents on November 5th 6-7 pm at the West Tisbury Library. This session will answer questions about the application and selection process as well as any other questions prospective applicants may have.

Is there someone at MVYouth who can answer my application questions?

The Executive Director, Lindsey Scott is available to answer any questions applicants may have. Please email her directly at

How many award recipients are chosen?

The number of award recipients selected each year will be determined by the financial needs of our semifinalists. The number of recipients will very from year to year, but roughly six College and six Workforce Scholarships will be awarded.

Is the scholarship program based on merit or financial need?

The scholarship program is based on both merit and need. MVYouth is committed to enabling students to pursue excellent educations from schools they would otherwise not be able to afford to attend by filling the gap left after estimated family contributions and institutional grants and scholarships are calculated.

Does MVYouth offer any scholarships to graduate students?

MVYouth only supplies undergraduate scholarships. Two other local organizations provide graduate scholarships, however. Click on the organizational names below to visit their websites and learn more about their application processes.

When will award recipients be announced?

MVYouth will announce the Scholarship recipients by May 1. Scholarships will be awarded at Class Night in early June.