Galya Walt - Tufts University


This past semester has been one of the best yet. I started the year going to school early to lead a five day backpacking pre-orientation trip in the White Mountains for eight first-years. It was such an honor for me and my co-leader to be the first to welcome them to college and to watch them grow throughout their first semester. I ended up returning to the White Mountains frequently on weekends this semester as I am hoping to hike all 48 4,000 footers before I graduate. I feel really lucky that Tufts has a lodge in the Whites which makes that area much more accessible.

Academically I loved taking “Medical Anthropology” which further cemented my interest in studying medicine and disease from either a sociological or anthropological perspective. My professor became a mentor to me this semester and I spent many office hours chatting in her office. I feel so grateful for her support and guidance as I begin to contemplate what it is I want to do after Tufts. It is very exciting to have a space on campus to discuss books, questions and class topics on a subject I have found much joy in!

Outside of class much of my semester was preparing for my semester abroad in Cape Town, South Africa in the spring! I am beyond excited to be there and to have the opportunity to explore a new city, study South African history and to travel around the country. I will be studying at the University of Cape Town which I hope will help me meet African students and get a better sense of Cape Town’s culture and society. I am so grateful to MVYouth’s support both at Tufts and abroad. Thank you!