Gavin Leuenberger - Northwestern Michigan College & Michigan State University


Spending the past three semesters studying Landscape Management at NMC and MSU has been a blast. I am currently in my last semester in the program. The time has really flown by! I have learned so much over the last year and a half, from the correct way to train and prune plants to identifying plant pathogens, and designing small and large scale landscape projects.

Over the summer I was lucky enough to work at Landscope Inc. on MV for my internship. Having an internship at Landscope really put everything into perspective for me as far as how important even the smallest details can be. At Landscope, I learned how to use CAD (computer-aided design) software typically used by architects to create scaled drawings of buildings and properties in two dimensional illustrations or three dimensional representations. I also learned how to group and arrange plants in ways that best compliment each other.

My first semester this year I was able to take another Landscape Plants course where I learned a lot more about plant identification, grouping, arrangement, and overall design. I also took a course in Plant Biology where we got to test common household products and fertilizer products on Pisum sativum (common pea plant) and see how they each affected the growth of the plant. I am currently enrolled in a Landscape Maintenance course with MSU and I am learning more about planting, transplanting, weed management, plant hardiness and winter protection.

I am also currently looking into NMC’s Aviation Programs to become certified to fly drones in order to find an easier, quicker, and cheaper way to obtain a base map for designing clients’ properties.

My experience at NMC in the MSU Plant Science and Landscape Management Program has been invaluable! I can’t say enough about the positive experiences I have had and would like to thank MVYouth for making this possible for me.