Isabella Morais - Wesleyan University

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My first semester at Wesleyan has been fantastic. I have learned so much from all of my professors, but even more than that, I have learned a lot from myself. Being a Charter School graduate, I spent a lot of time my junior and senior year learning how to be an independent learner. When I first got to Wesleyan, I was scared to go work in the library or ask for help with the writing workshop, however, as the semester chugged along, and classes got more difficult, I learned that the stacks in Olin Library are the only place where I can work– and it improved my grades by tenfold. I am grateful to MVYouth for the generous scholarship because it means that I can really focus on my studies and being on my mock trial team, instead of having to work my way through college. I am the only freshman who is on the Mock Trial B team, and I get to further my passion for law as well as be on a diverse team of students who feel the same way. Being at Wesleyan this first semester has really solidified my love of learning and I can’t wait to continue with it all this upcoming semester.