Kaela Vecchia-Zeitz - New York University

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The past year at NYU has been one of reckoning and growth. I’ve not only gained knowledge in the classroom, but also an immense amount of intellectual thought and discussion in the bustling environment of New York City. In the early spring of 2017, I began an internship at The Bronx Defenders, a holistic public defense office which provides services to lower-income people living in the South Bronx. This experience has taught me a great deal about the integrity, determination, and patience I will need to have as a social worker moving forward, especially if I choose to work in criminal justice reform. In accordance to working at The Bronx Defenders, I am engrossed in my studies. This fall I’ve been taking a journalism course - investigating the complexities of news, media, and journalism in the past and present. I’ve enjoyed this class so much that I’ve decided to concentrate in journalism, alongside majoring in social work. Next semester, I’m planning to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I hope to cultivate fluency in the Spanish language and Argentine culture. This incredible opportunity would not be a reality for me if it wasn’t for the generosity of MVYouth. Thank you.