Lee Faraca - Cal Poly


As my graduation date rapidly approaches, I can’t believe how fast college has gone by. Senior project is in full swing and companies are having workplace showcases almost weekly. Friends and colleagues have already begun signing letters of intent for various companies. As I look back on my college experiences and how much I’ve learned, I realize that I’d like to continue my education. I hope to study for and take my Professional Engineers (PE) Exam next year as well as enroll in a Master program.

Cal Poly offers a 4+1 “Blended” program I can apply to. I’d like to concentrate on Water Resources and Hydraulics Engineering. Growing up on the Vineyard has fostered a strong connection to nature, specifically water. I’ve found fluid mechanics and water management to be my favorite classes. Part of the “Blended” program is completing a Master’s thesis, which I would do on water conservation.

Another option is to enroll in an MBA program. My dream is to own or run a firm, and a MBA would be a good catalyst. Coming to Cal Poly it became quite apparent to me how intelligent and high achieving engineering students are. Between internships and classes I learned that I’m not nearly the smartest or best engineer, but that my strengths lie in project management, leadership, and client service/interaction. Coupling my degree with an MBA will, I think, open many employment opportunities for me.