Lee Faraca - Cal Poly


First and foremost, let me thank you again for your generosity. Transitioning from 18 years in a small community to a 20,000+ college across the States has been a huge change. There’s some adjustment, but I’m meeting new people and experiencing so much. Engineering is a lot more work than I thought it would be. Cal Poly’s motto is “learn by doing”, and they focus heavily on concepts and hands on learning. Yesterday I did some engineering surveying in a cow pasture, which was a nice break from hours of calculus homework. And yes, engineers do have social lives. The week is busy: class, homework, and a little pick up soccer, but the weekends are open for trips to Yosemite, Avila Beach, and LA. All of this has been possible because of MVYouth, an organization I’m deeply grateful for and indebted to.