Lee Faraca - Cal Poly

Faraca 2016 photo.JPG

I'm greatly indebted to MVYouth, and I honestly don't know what I would do without it. The engineers at Cal Poly have a saying "Friends, grades, or sleep... choose 2". While it's a joke, there's an element of truth to it. The financial aid I've received makes college a lot less stressful and lot more enjoyable. Instead of needing a part time job, I can explore different clubs and focus on school. I'm working with the club "Engineers Without Borders". We're designing and installing a water sanitation and transportation system for a village in Nicaragua. It's a really fun experience, learning the design process and aspects of building, all of which will benefit those in need. On the weekends, there are plenty of National Parks to explore and soccer games to be played. Academically, this year is dedicated to the math and physics behind engineering. I still have absolutely no idea what an Eigenvector is (or how to cook something besides pasta), but I'm super excited to continue my college experience, made possible by MVYouth.