Lena Hanschka - Colby College


This past semester at Colby College has been really amazing. All of my classes were really interesting, especially my Introduction to Anthropology course. We covered a wide array of topics, but it was really fascinating to learn about the small aspects of different cultures. For example, we learned about how the definition of kinship can vary by culture, sometimes not defined by genetics at all, but rather by who you eat your meals with. I have also really enjoyed living in Maine. The Colby campus is surrounded by woods with many trails to walk or run through. It has been really nice to be able to take a break from studying or homework and enjoy nature. I am so excited for the winter weather and all of the winter sports. The Sugarloaf Ski Resort is only about an hour away and with a more relaxed winter schedule, I hope it make it up to the mountain at least once a week.