Liam Weiland - Berklee College of Music


This second year of Berklee has been nothing short of a reality check for me. I have now nearly finished the core music curriculum, resulting in more available time for studying the more refined subjects I am interested in. Subsequently, this has lead me to really sit down and think about what I want to get out of the incredible opportunity I was given to study at this world-renowned institution. Through this persistent mental dialogue, I decided to switch my major from the original path of “Professional Music” to Electronic Production and Design. The Professional Music curriculum is the best opportunity at Berklee to study multiple aspects of the music industry at once, allowing you to declare up to 3 concentrations of study. As of last year I had declared concentrations in Performance, Music Business, and Recording and Production for Musicians.

I decided to spend this past summer in Boston, staying in the apartment I lived in during my first year of classes and working at a restaurant on Boylston Street. I spent nearly all of my free time working on music, without the distractions of liberal arts courses or the company of friends I made over the past year. Spending this time working on my own projects, I discovered a true passion for Music Production. Beyond just writing and playing songs, I learned how sound itself works, and how to create texture and atmosphere to bring to music. During this past semester I interviewed for and was accepted into Berklee’s Electronic Production and Design program. I am incredibly excited to begin the curriculum next semester and study in greater depth the aspects of the music industry I feel I have the capacity to truly thrive in.