Madeleine Moore - University of Chicago


Four years ago, I received a call from University of Chicago admissions office informing me that I had been accepted off the waitlist to the class of 2019. I accepted the offer immediately despite never having visited the campus or the city of Chicago. My first year in Chicago was tough. The academics were unlike anything that I ever experienced and I had not yet learned how to work efficiently and professionally. However, with each quarter I learned more about the world, about good study habits, and about the amazing opportunities University of Chicago offered.

I never would have known to expect my four years would be filled with so many exciting travel opportunities. I've been to Cuba, China (twice), India, the UAE, and throughout Europe. I've had amazing educational experiences through travel that have given me a better understanding of our place in the world and the fragility of prosperity. I also never would have expected I'd major in Economics.

Interning as a researcher at an executive search firm this past summer introduced me to the world of business. It was an invaluable experience which led me to learn a lot about myself. I've learned that University of Chicago has instilled in me a strong work ethic. I've learned the importance of concentration and caffeine. And I've learned to seize opportunities when they arise.

Come June, I hope to be gainfully employed in a job that will catapult me to the Booth School for Business in a few years time. I expect I'll find this job either working in management and search consulting or possibly in politics.