Madeleine Moore - University of Chicago

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My past year at the University of Chicago has been thrilling. Over the summer, I was granted a scholarship from my school to travel to Cuba to improve my Spanish and learn about the culture. I lived in a small apartment in a residential neighborhood of Havana, known as Vedado. Each day in Havana brought new adventures from mastering public transportation, taking salsa classes, walking into a celebration of Carnival, and discussing the politics and economics of Cuba with my neighbors. Cuba is a rapidly changing country that I highly recommend visiting.            This academic year I have been able to dive deeper into my major of Economics, which never ceases to amaze and challenge me. In addition to classes, I have continued to participate in the Model United Nations Club. This year, I was granted the opportunity to run two committees, one based in Brazil in 2014 and the other in China in 1912. Overall, my experience with the University of Chicago has been delightful and has provided me with so many opportunities. I am grateful for MVYouth and their generous support of my education.