Marissa D'Antonio - Boston College


This past semester at Boston College has been more amazing than I could have ever imagined. I have learned so much from my professors and took several truly engaging classes. While I did take a business ethics class and a business statistics class, I also decided to take some courses to fulfill BC’s core requirements. I had never taken a philosophy or religion class in my life, but I thoroughly enjoyed my course that combined theology with philosophy. We learned about Plato, Aristotle, as well as several other philosophers that truly opened my mind to different ethical philosophies. While I am currently working towards a double major in Business Analytics and Finance, I have found that the core curriculum at BC is very engaging.

The highlight of this past semester has been joining a community service organization called 4Boston. Every Tuesday I take the T into the city to tutor students at the Allston-Brighton Community Development Center. We are committed to four hours of service a week as well as a one-hour group reflection. This has been a truly outstanding experience for me and has helped me better understand the greater Boston community. I have also joined a consulting club called CASE-Impact in which I am currently writing a business plan for a startup non-profit. We are working with the owners and a small group of donors to create a statement that captures their mission, as well as setting long-term goals for the non-profit. This has been a very beneficial experience that will help me as I work towards a career. With the help of MVYouth, I have made a new home here at Boston College. Thank you MVYouth.