Marlla Lemos - UMASS, Boston


This past semester at UMass Boston has been full of exciting experiences and opportunities. Attending a University that is so close to the heart of Boston allows for classes to extend beyond the four walls of the classroom and into the city. My English class ventured into the historic city on a hill and explored places such as The Boston Athenaeum, Museum of Fine Arts, and Mapparium. If it weren’t for this English class I would not have gotten to know Boston as well as I do now and been introduced to resources such as The Boston Public Library, where I now spend many afternoons preparing for my classes. Living near Boston has also allowed me to broaden my perspective on life and society beyond the Island which is incredibly valuable, since growing up on the Island led to a relatively sheltered childhood. All of the opportunities I now have within my University are possible thanks to the MVYouth scholarship. This scholarship has allowed me to attend a University that challenges me intellectually, while also presenting opportunities to grow as an individual in a diverse environment where there is much to be learned from my peers and the city nearby.