Marlla Lemos - UMASS, Boston


This past semester at UMass Boston I had the opportunity to work with amazing professors from all over the world. The amount of diversity on campus is something that I will always cherish. I began my days this passed semester trying to learn a fourth language, which went amazingly well, until I started my Italian final exam presentation in Spanish! After Italian, I learned about Moral Issues in Medicine with the most brilliant professor who also grew up in a tiny island, but her little island was off the coast of England. Later, I learned about fascinating Social and Political Thinkers with a professor from Israel, who knew way too much information about the Peloponnesian war. My favorite class this semester was Immigration Politics, which was taught by an incredible professor who was born and raised in Mexico. Lastly, I ended my days in a cultural food studies class that specialized in Indian cuisine due to the fact that my professor was an Indian chef!

This semester I also had the opportunity to spent time in New York city visiting the United Nations Headquarters learning about public policy. All of these opportunities would not have been possible without the amazing support I have from MVYouth. Thank you to MVYouth for the continued support, I cannot wait for all the opportunities the next three semesters have to offer.