Olivia Jacobs - Hamilton College

Jacobs 2016 photo.jpg

It is hard to put all of my thoughts and feelings regarding my first semester at Hamilton College into words, but I will do my best! My classes last semester greatly inspired me. I was assigned at least 100 pages of reading every weeknight, but the hours spent pouring over books were well worth it. My eyes have been opened to the vast world around me. I now understand, with clenched fists, America’s system of mass incarceration and the horrifying realities occurring inside American prisons; I have delved into religious studies, exploring Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and Mormonism; I have studied the history of discrimination driven by concepts of race and gender; I have read about the evolution of the American public education system. Aside from academia, I’m interning at a local middle and high school, working in the counseling office and running girls empowerment groups. Working with the kids is the highlight of my week. I am also in the Hamilton Equestrian Club, riding twice a week and loving it. The College has so much to offer, and there is never a day when I feel bored or restless. Hamilton has truly become my home, and I cannot thank MVYouth enough for allowing me to attend such a remarkable school.