Olivia Jacobs - Hamilton College

Olivia headshot update.jpg

I've had a busy fall semester at Hamilton College. I took an art course, an introductory women's studies course, and two education courses this semester. Women's studies was fascinating because the issues we've learn about are particularly prominent in today's political climate. My two education courses were wonderful - one focused on lesson planning while the other was an ethnography course in which I had to observe a classroom in the community every week and then write about it. The art course "Figure Drawing" was a toss-up, a totally different area of study and one very unfamiliar to me. I took the course because I wanted to challenge myself. I love that Hamilton allows me to explore and expand my interests. I have continued riding on the Equestrian Club team twice a week as well. It brings me a lot of joy to be around the horses. I also continue to intern at the local middle school running girls empowerment groups. My life at Hamilton is so full of the things I love to do. There are so many possibilities in my future thanks to the generous support of MVYouth.