Paulo Pereira - UMASS


My time at UMass Amherst got off to a quick start as I was busily engaged in my studies as well as in my extracurriculars. I took on six courses, ranging from Organic Chemistry to Accounting to Portuguese, in order to satisfy my Business Management/Pre-Med major requirements. I am also considering adding a language as a minor to my current major. UMass has continued to present me with new opportunities to stay involved on campus. These opportunities have been filled with many experiences, some of the same ones as last year and some new ones. There is not a moment in the day where I feel that I can’t get work done or be involved in some way as there are numerous student organizations, clubs, study groups, and activities taking place on a constant basis.

I continue to stay involved in the Isenberg Real Estate Association, the Isenberg Management Association, and the UMass Pre-Medical Society. I joined the Social-Entrepreneurship Club as well because their ideas and mindset of creating sustainable businesses beneficial to the environment while making the most out of clean energy piqued my interest. I took part in Intramural Soccer and plan on doing it again next semester as well as joining Intramural Volleyball. I have had various volunteering opportunities through clubs such as the Rotaract Club. I continue to grow as a person and continue to learn new things every day. I am looking forward to next semester and will, no doubt find something new to take part in.

I cannot thank MVYouth enough for this opportunity that has been presented to me. I am forever grateful for the generosity and support. Thank you MVYouth for another awe-inspiring year!

Paulo Pereira - UMASS

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Life at UMass Amherst this past semester has been filled with new experiences. UMass Amherst is similar to a small city, in itself, they have so much to offer on campus and there’s always something to do. During the week, I spend a lot of time in the tallest academic research library in the world, the W.E.B. Du Bois Library. This past semester I had many opportunities to become involved in the community of UMass. I joined the Isenberg Real Estate Association as well as the UMass Pre-Medical Society. I have had different volunteering opportunities through the Pre-Medical Society and have become CPR/AED certified through a Healthcare Professional (HCP) and Basic Life Support (BLS) class in order to reach my goal of becoming an EMT. The highlight of this past semester has been joining intramural soccer at the beginning of the semester and becoming captain of my team. I am looking forward to what next semester has in store for me. I have made myself at home here at UMass and none of it would’ve been possible without the immense generosity of MVYouth. I am forever grateful for the benevolence. Thank you MVYouth.