Expansion Grants

Organizations that enrich the lives of young people on Martha's Vineyard through quality programs and services are eligible to receive funding for capital investments and program expansions that will significantly expand their capacity to make a positive impact on Island children, teens and young adults. MVYouth will support organizations ready to take quantum leaps forward. Grants are generally not awarded to organizations that are supported by tax payers dollars or to sustain operating budgets. 

Evaluation criteria

  • Capable leadership
  • Well-devised plan
  • Stable finances
  • Community impact
  • Evidence of collaboration
  • Sustainability projections
  • Readiness to begin

Selection Process

Phase 1
Prospective applicants must submit a Letter of Intent by October 1 to the Executive Director stating the name, goals and approximate budget of the proposal. Please email letters to lindseyscott@mvyouth.com. The Executive Director will determine whether proposals meet MVYouth's funding criteria before the application process begins.

Phase 2
Eligible applicants must complete Part 1 of the application by October 15. Using our assessment tool, the MVYouth Advisory Board will review the information supplied in Part 1 to identify no more than five semifinalists.

Phase 3
The semifinalists will then be asked to complete Part 2 of the application. The Advisory Board will interview all semifinalists before making recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

Phase 4
The Board of Trustees will identify the Expansion Grant recipients in February.

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College Scholarships

Students who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance, character and service, and qualify for financial assistance are eligible to receive support that will enable them to pursue an education at their school of choice. Financial support will be determined based on merit and need and will be sustained for four years providing students meet performance standards.


Evaluation criteria

  • Year-round residents of Martha's Vineyard
  • Transcripts & grades
  • Activities, employment & community service
  • Character
  • Recommendations
  • Financial need

Selection Process

Phase 1
Applicants must complete Part 1 of the application by January 19. The MVYouth Advisory Board will review the information supplied in Part 1 and arrange informal interviews with all competitive applicants. Using our assessment tool, the MVYouth Advisory Board will then select up to twelve semifinalists.

Phase 2
The semifinalists will then return for more formal interviews with representatives of the Board of Trustees in late-March. After receiving admission information in mid-April, semifinalists will submit Part 2 of the application.

Phase 3
The Board of Trustees will identify the College Scholarship recipients in early May. Scholarships will be awarded in June at the Class Night Award Ceremony.

Application Links

Click the application links below to get started. Save your work as you go and submit your application when you are complete.  
All application materials must be submitted electronically by the application due dates in order to be considered. 
Please email Lindsey Scott at lindseyscott@mvyouth.com if you have any questions.