Samuel Bresnick - Boston College


My first semester at Boston College has given me some great experiences. Since August 1st, I’ve been working with the BC Football team as a student manager, working 30 plus hours a week. My responsibilities include practice everyday, working with a position group (Wide Receivers), and has given me first hand experience with the operations side of college football. Game days are really exciting and allow me to see the process and preparation for big games, like when ESPN College Gameday came to Chestnut Hill for a primetime matchup vs. Clemson.

I travel with the team for away games and have experienced electrifying college football atmospheres like Virginia Tech and Wake Forest. These are memorable moments. Getting the chance to experience and be part of college football has always been a dream of mine. BC is heading to the Servpro First Responders Bowl in Dallas, Texas. I will be traveling with the team, spending four days in Dallas getting ready for the game on December 26th.

Balancing my responsibilities as a student manager and taking five classes has kept me very busy and on a tight schedule. I have equally enjoyed my experiences in the classroom as well, and am taking a lot of interesting courses. I originally came to school undecided about what to major in, but that changed after I took Microeconomics. I enjoyed the class and find the topics thought-provoking and challenging. I've declared Economics as my major and plan on taking Macroeconomics and Econ Stats this spring semester. I also intend to join the sports department on the school newspaper. I am grateful for the help and support that MVYouth is providing me and my family. You have given me the chance to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity as well as pursue my passions.