Shannon Levesque - Massachusetts Maritime Academy


Massachusetts Maritime Academy is by far the best place for me to be at this point in my life. The Academy instills three main ideas within us - Discipline, Knowledge and Leadership. These three core values will stay with us for all four years at the Academy. I chose to be a part of the Honor Guard which deals with parades, funeral details and many other out of school events. I have participated in the NYC Veterans Day Parade and will be going to Washington D.C to participate in another parade this Spring. MMA provides a level of discipline that no other school can provide which has been beyond beneficial to me and will continue to benefit me even after my time at the Academy.

A typical day consists on waking up at 0545 for what we call cleaning stations. We go around and clean our dorm from top to bottom. At 0630 our rooms are inspected for cleanliness in somewhat of a military like setting. For example, our rooms are checked for dust and our beds and uniforms have to look a certain way. Wearing a uniform instills a level of professionalism in the cadets, this school is treated almost like a job, arriving early to something is being on time and being on time is late. At 0705 we line up for Morning Formation where all the cadets march out in platoons outside and a muster is taken to make sure every last person is accounted for. Throughout the day you go to classes and then at 2000 we have Study Hours. This is a time where your door is open and your phone is left outside your room and you simply sit down and do your homework. This by far has been the most helpful part of the regiment because you never have a excuse for not doing your work. We go to bed at 2200 and start the process all over again the next morning. Without a doubt, MMA has instilled characteristics in me and has already set me up to live a disciplined lifestyle outside of school that no other college could possibly provide for their students.