MVCS - Island Wide Youth Collaborative


In the third year of the IWYC a strong presence was maintained on the Island. The IWYC assisted these families and individuals utilizing a targeted family systems approach which connected the families with housing needs, financial supports, behavioral health needs and resolving immigration issues to name a few. Through numerous collaborations the IWYC provided a rich array of programming in 2018. Some events and trainings that took place where:

Island Grown Schools Winter Cooking Class 12 young students (grades 3 and 4) participated in this six week program. Educators from Island Grown Schools facilitated the class which focused on teaching preparation of healthy meals using locally grown produce.

IWYC Clinician’s Continuing Education Series Therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other human service providers are required to acquire ongoing Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) to stay current and certified in their respective fields. In order to foster community collaboration between human service providers and offer clinician’s the opportunity to receive in-person CEU trainings without traveling off-Island, the IWYC (in cooperation with Commonwealth Seminars) designed and implemented an Island-wide CEU series. Participants reported that they gained knowledge that could be immediately applied in their practices as well as a better sense of their colleagues’’ expertise.