Martha's Vineyard Little League - Penn Field


Martha’s Vineyard Little League is run solely by volunteers. From coaches at the T-ball level to the Board of Directors, everyone participates because of a love of baseball. All of the money MVLL raises from program fees, local community advertising and donations is used for player equipment, uniforms and field maintenance. Strong community support and volunteerism continue to make MVLL one of the most affordable youth athletic programs available on the Island.

Penn Field is the central location for all Little League activities from opening day festivities right through the championship game. It is the primary field for MVLL’s highest level of players, but also accommodates beginners on its adjacent practice field. Last year, MVLL moved up to an intermediate division in Little League. This enabled us to increase the size of the infield played upon at the major league level. This will better prepare our players for a higher level of play and give them experience for summer tournaments where the field is also larger. Because of this, we were also able to increase the age range of players in the program through 13 years old. As this will be the first year that we are able to offer spaces to youth of this age, we expect to see a rise in the quality of play and level of participation within MVLL.

Penn Field has quite literally been a game changer for Martha’s Vineyard Little League. It is a truly an inspiring experience to be there on opening day alongside 250 boys and girls in their vibrant team colors as they celebrate the start of baseball season with their families and friends cheering them on.